Attachment systems

A range of reliable and innovative attachements

Hader Solutions offers several attachment systems to suit all needs, even in the most complex cases.

Our goal is to enable dentists to be as versatile as possible, with a broad range of high-quality products to ensure users will achieve retention, stability, and flexibility.

Dentists can choose the best option for their cases from our various systems: 

Hader CX with female inserts that attach to a ball abutment for great retention, with the security of an audible click. 

Hader VX for a simple, but very stable and secure axial rehabilitation.

Hader SX with sagittal female inserts in three different retention levels. 

Hader RX the classic and reliable spring pins attachment.

Hader CX

The Hader CXDental Attachment System :
A game-changer in dental technology. 

Its design allows the female component to engage all around the ball, providing an increased area of retention for the utmost stability and confidence for your patients.

A distinctive advantage of the CX system is an audible click, which provides immediate tactile feedback and peace of mind to the user.
When the need for servicing arises, the Hader CX does not disappoint. With three retention options for females and replaceable threaded males, maintaining these attachments is both efficient and cost-effective.

The standout feature of the Hader CX System is the remarkable ability to parallelize the female components. If the males are not aligned in perfect parallel, our exclusive paralleling mandrel allows for quick and precise adjustments without sacrificing any retention or stability.

The Hader CX Dental Attachment System is designed with user flexibility in mind. Whether itis crafting a prosthesis over post copings, implants, overdenture bars, or 30, 45, or 60-degree extracoronal partial dentures, the CX system is your go-to solution.

Hader CX parts examples

Hader vX

The Hader VX Attachment System :
A Legacy of Versatility, Security, and Unmatched Value.

The Hader VX has earned its reputation as the most popular and versatile bar attachment globally. With decades of clinical success, it is the trusted choice for dental professionals everywhere.

When it comes to patient satisfaction and security, the Hader VX excels. It offers the best retention for prostheses, providing your patients with unwavering confidence in their dental solutions.
With three levels of retention and easily replaceable plastic females, servicing becomes a hassle-free, cost-effective endeavor.
The Hader VX system allows dental professionals to craft prostheses over a bar or use it as an extracoronal attachment, providing exceptional flexibility in treatment options.

When used as an extracoronal attachment, the Hader VX does not compromise on aesthetics. It combines superb retention with visually pleasing results, ensuring both functionality and a beautiful smile.

Hader VX parts examples

Hader SX

The Hader SX Attachment System : 
Where Aesthetics Meets Precision and Versatility.

Featuring a sagittal ball attachment with a segmented female, the Hader SX excels in partial dentures and implant bar applications, providing a superior level of precision and flexibility.

Hader SX is available in two ball sizes, the Mini 1.7 mm and Standard 2.2 mm, ensuring a tailored solution for every patient.
The Mini SX, requiring only 3.1 mm of space, is an ideal choice for cases with limited room, offering a solution where space is a premium.

The replaceable plastic female, available in three retention levels, can be seamlessly incorporated into the framework or housed inside our exclusive metal housing. The male component offers various options, including plastic to cast in a hard alloy, NOPRAX for non-precious alloys and a threaded male with a special cast-on base ring.

Hader SX parts examples

Hader rX

The Hader RX :
where innovation meets reliability to revolutionize the dental field. 

These versatile male spring pins, available in the two sizes M2 and M3, are engineered to provide resilience and rigidity, ensuring precise engagement with the females. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from overbars and post copings to extracoronal constructions, the Hader RX system offers unmatched flexibility.

When space allows, we recommend opting for the M3 size for enhanced stability. For extracoronal use, our males come in three different angulations (30°, 45°, and 60°), ensuring a periodontal-friendly design and impeccable aesthetics. With over 60 years of clinical use, Hader RX has earned the trust of dentists and dental technicians worldwide for its proven security and patient satisfaction.

Hader RX is easy to service, as males can be effortlessly replaced. For cases involving worn females we offer slightly larger males. 
Hader RX, a name synonymous with confidence and security. Keeping prostheses attached and patients delighted.

Hader RX parts examples

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