Attachment systems

A range of reliable and innovative attachements

Hader Solutions offers several attachment systems to suit all needs, even in the most complex cases.

Our goal is to enable dentists to be as versatile as possible, with a broad range of high-quality products to ensure users will achieve retention, stability, and flexibility.

Dentists can choose the best option for their cases from our various systems: 
Hader CX with females inserts that attach to a ball abutment for great retention, with the security of an audible click. 
Hader VX for a simple, but very stable and secure axial rehabilitation.
Hader SX with sagittal female inserts in three different retention levels. And lastly, Other extracoronal attachments for all cases with different needs.

Hader CX

The Hader CX design allows the female to engage all around the ball for an increased area of retention.
Besides far greater retention than other spherical systems, the CX offers the patient the security of an audible click.
When servicing is required, three retentions of females are available, along with the option of replacing the threaded sphere.

Another unique feature of the CX System is the availability of a female paralleling mandrel. If the attachments are not parallel, the correction may be made by paralleling the female without sacrificing any retention or stability.

The basic premise of this attachment is to allow the user flexibility. They can make an overdenture stud, overdenture bar, and 30, 45, or 60 degree (assures the best tooth and tissue alignment while reducing forces, assuring good hygienic access, and allowing maximum space for the removable partial denture) extracoronal partial dentures from the same simple kit.

Hader CX parts examples

Hader vX

Design How You Want It.

The Hader VX and Hader Bar System is the most popular and versatile bar attachment in the world as it is low profile, provides secure retention options, and is simple to service!

three different retention levels available:
- Yellow Standard Retention
- White Reduced Retention
- Red Increased Retention

Hader VX parts examples

Hader SX

Sagittal ball attachment with segmented female for partial dentures and implant bar applications. The replaceable plastic female in three retention levels is incorporated directly into the framework. 

The male is available in plastic and cast in a hard alloy, in prefabricated metal and cast to with any alloy, or as a threaded male with a special cast on base ring.

The “clipping” or flexing of the rigid female around the height of contour of the sphere allows the female 35% more retention area contact than previous designs of a sagittal spherical attachment.

Hader SX is available in two ball sizes: 

- Mini 1.7 mm and Standard 2.2 mm.

Space Requirements for each ball size are:

- Mini 1.7 mm: 3.1mm vertical, 3.1mm diameter
- Standard 2.2 mm: 4.1mm vertical, 4.2mm diameter

Hader SX parts examples

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